Exhibitors Levels

Novice Level

  1. May remain a novice for a maximum time period of three consecutive full show seasons, whether he/she shows each year or not.

  2. Must be a newcomer to exhibiting cage birds

  3. Will be advanced to Champion on the January of the year following:

    •   his/her winning two "Best in Division" awards

    •   completion of the third consecutive year

    •   his/her request for advancement

    •   any person residing with a Champion (whether related or not) must show as a Champion.

  4. Budgies have special rules as follows: A novice may exhibit in novice classes for five show seasons, or until he or she  has won seven first in breeders' classes of five birds minimum, Comprising of at least three exhibitors, the best in division to count also. Whichever is the longer period will apply. A novice can exhibit as champion status at any time, but having done so once cannot revert back to novice.


Champion Level

  1.  Any exhibitor not eligible for Novice status

  2.  An exhibitor who wins in any division is deemed  to be a Champion in all divisions

  3.  Exhibitor will remain a Champion for life


  1. Must be 16 years or younger as of January 1st of the show season

  2. Juniors can reside with a Champion


  1. Entry Fees: $3.00 per bird.  Minimum $10.00.

  2. Entry forms must be filled out completely.  Use address labels or print very neatly.

  3. Exhibits must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor for at least 30 days prior to the show.

  4. The Show Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.  All sick birds will be refused.

  5. Birds must be checked on entering and leaving the show hall.  After the birds are checked in, they are under the care of the Show Committee, and may not be handled by any person without the permission of the Show Manager.  Every possible attention will be given to the care of the birds but the BFBS cannot be responsible for any accident, mistake, loss or damage that may occur to any of the exhibits.

  6. Entries will be accepted with or without bands.  Non-banded birds will be considered as adults (Open class).  Birds entered in Breeder or young Bird Class must be banded with current year closed, recognized club rings. Family bands or double bands are not acceptable.

  7. Loose paper or gravel will not be allowed.  Seed only to be placed on the bottom of the cage.

  8. The Show Co-ordinator reserves the right to add, combine or withdraw classes as the number dictates, and also to reclassify a bird should any dispute arise over classification.

  9. The Judge has the right to withhold any award if they feel the entry does not merit an award.

  10. The Judge's decision will be final except where fraud, misrepresentation or collusion is afterwards proven.

  11. Ribbons will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class.  Birds awarded 2nd and 3rd ribbons in classes, and deemed worthy of further consideration by the Judge, may compete against the 1st ribbon winners for major awards.

  12. Colour Canaries will be judged by points in the class level.  The sub-section and section will be judged by the point system. Color canaries exhibiting any sign of being artificially coloured, i.e. dyeing or painting will be disqualified.

  13. Type canaries with the exception of Yorkshires, Norwich, Staffords and Lizards must be in their natural colour.  Any sign of being artificially coloured or colour feeding will lead to disqualification.

  14. Young Canaries cannot be entered in adult classes.

  15. Foreign Bird and Zebra Finch entries, if shown in pairs, must be cock and hen where distinguishable and be of the same species.

  16. Quails and Doves shall be judged in their own classes and do not qualify for awards beyond their own classification.

  17. Budgerigars will be judged by the Budgerigar Society rules and regulations.

  18. Any type cage may be used for Foreign Birds where no standard cage exists.  Regular show cages must be used for Yorkshires, Norwich, Colourbred canaries, Borders and Glosters.  Use Zebra show cages for Domestic Foreign Birds, Bengalese and Zebras.  For Lovebirds and Budgerigars use the standard show cage for Budgerigars.  Fifes cannot be shown in Border Cages.  Colourbred canary show cages are to have 2 oz Drinker.  Chubby with white bases.

  19. All show tags are to be placed on the lower left side of the cage.

  20. Exhibitors are not permitted to crate or remove their birds until close of the show Sunday (3:30pm).  Special requests will have to be made directly to the Show Manager. Out of Province exhibitors may request to leave after 1:30 pm. This request must be made to the show manager and a committee representative must be present when the birds are being removed. Please keep your registration forms at hand to permit quick checkout from the building.

  21. Exhibitors may be permitted to attend the judging but must refrain from talking or interfering and must sit back from the judge's benches.  However, this privilege may be revoked at any time by the Division Superintendent, or the Show Manager, should any interruption or difficulty be experienced in maintaining order.

  22. Any exhibitor who communicates in any way with the judge, while their bird is being judged will automatically have that entry disqualified.

  23. Team Rules: All birds must be as closely matched as possible and of the same colour and variety

  24. Anyone who wishes to register a protest must do so in writing after the judging is finished along with a $20.00 cash deposit.  This protest must be made while the judge is still available in the building.  The deposit is forfeited to the BFBS account if the judge's decision is upheld.

  25. Only show committee, stewards and secretaries are allowed behind the marked judging area.

  26. Exhibitors can request to remove their parrots from the show after judging under the following conditions:     

  27.         a. The request must be made to the Show Manager.                                                                

  28.          b. Birds can be removed no earlier than 4:00pm and must be returned by 9:00am on Sunday.

             c. There must be a show committee representative present to check out the birds when they           are  being removed.

  29. The penalty of not following the show rules can be disqualification and not being allowed to exhibit at the show in the future so we do ask for your kind cooperation.